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Why is Coal Suddenly Becoming a Major Talking Point in the Presidential Election?

Republican State Attorneys General Trying To Kill The Clean Power Plan Have Taken Millions From Dirty Energy Interests

Bankruptcy Lawyers Mine Health Insurance, Strip Cash from Coal Miners

Transgender Women Humiliated by West Virginia DMV

Coal Mine With History of Safety Violations Collapses, Two Workers Dead

Democratic Candidates in Red States Run from Obama Towards Big Energy

In Wake of WV Spill, Senate Bill Would Boost Oversight of Chemical Storage Facilities

West Virginia Chemical Spill Even Worse Than Reported

WV Victims of Chemical Spill Offered $10 Credit on Water Bill, Costs Hundreds to Flush System

Privatizing Gains, Socializing Costs: WV Water Polluter Files for Bankruptcy to Halt Lawsuits

Chemical Spill Water Ban Lifted in WV

Chemical Spill Shocks Charleston, WV

Democratic Senator Believes His Party “In Denial” About Fossil Fuel Importance

Shhhhhhh, DuPont Has Quietly Replaced One Deadly Toxin With Another

Beyond Wisconsin: “Right-to-Work” Laid to Rest in WV; MI Rep. Hopes to Expand to Public Safety Unions

'Benghazi? It’s a Town in West Virginia.'

Senator Wants to Be Productive, Keeps 'Options Open' for Return to State House

WV Mine Owner-Funded Video Absolves WV Mine Owner in Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster Deaths

Here's What 100,000 Gallons of Spilled Coal Waste Looks Like

Spill Forces WV Governor to Rethink Stance on Environmental Oversight

Former Labor Secretary: Fear of Losing Jobs Keeps People Voting Against Their Own Job Safety

Tea Party Nirvana in West Virginia

Lax Regulation, Shady Owners Probed in WV Spill

West Virginia AG Continues Quest for Abortion Restrictions, Despite Lack of Evidence