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In VA, It's the Return of the Poll Tax

Arlingtonians Come Out to Support Streetcar

The 2003 Draft Wesley Clark Movement Loses Two of Its Grassroots Superstars

Howard Dean, DFA Launch Purple to Blue Project, Target 5 Districts in Virginia for 2013

Gov. McDonnell Amends Texting, Drone Bills....

Video: Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey

Washington Post Breathlessly Hypes Story It Didn't Break, Provides No Credit to Outlet that Did

Tea Party Issues Urgent Call for Action Against "Soviet" Arlington Streetcar...Because AGENDA 21!!!

Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning

BREAKING: Cuccinelli Says Transportation Bill, Medicaid Expansion Unconstitutional

Brian Moran Endorses Mark Herring for AG

McAuliffe Delivers More Than 35,000 Signatures to State Board of Elections

Video: Last Night's Howard Dean/DFA Fundraiser for Jennifer Boysko, John Bell

BREAKING: Bob McDonnell Amends Transportation Bill to Pass Constitutional Muster

Senator Warner Latest to Announce Support for Marriage Equality

Chopra endorsed by six Northern Virginia Democratic delegates

Sen. Mark Herring: Make Your Voice Heard on Reproductive Rights

Karl Rove Called Out for 'Scaring' People with 'Orwellian' Black Helicopter Talk

Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning

Video: DPVA Chair Charniele Herring on the Politics Hour Says VA Dems "poised for success"