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Lambda Legal Announces Plans for Federal Marriage Case in VA

15 Examples of Virginia Voter Protection Now Impossible After Voting Rights Act's Weakening

As Court Rules in Favor of Gay Rights, VA AG Worries About Slippery Slope to Polygamy

More Mainstream VA Republicans Side With Sanity/McAuliffe in Fear of Cuccinelli

McAuliffe vs Cuccinelli: Good News in the Battle Against Insanity

Patrick Stewart's Powerful Response to Violence Against Women, PTSD

Two Virginia Republican Women Blast Governor's Race as 'Worst Ticket Ever'

Tom Davis Jumps the Shark, Media Calls Move 'Moderate'

Gates Slams Benghazi Critics Over 'Cartoonish' View of Military

House GOP Prepares Fast-Track for Keystone XL

Conservative Agendas Hurting GOP Governors Eyeing 2016 Race

Do We Give Too Much Attention to Terrorist Attacks?

Irregular Deregulation: Senate Bill Aims to End Independence for SEC, Consumer Protection and More

VA Republicans Nominate Homophobic 'Ex-Gay' Proponent to Board of Elections

Global Temperature Average: 339 Consecutive Months Above Last Century's

Ken Cuccinell's Slippery Slope of Corruption: Oil and Gas Edition

VA School Board Member Asked to Resign Over Racist Michelle Obama Emails

China’s Acquisition of Massive US Pork Producer Smithfield Could Lead to Serious Health Concerns

Cantor Works Overtime to Give Away Workers' Time and Money

GOP Nominee for VA Lt. Governor: 'Planned Parenthood Has Been Far More Lethal to Black Lives Than the KKK Ever Was.'

GOP Seeks Alternative to Private Sector Overtime Pay

Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention Chief Charged With Sexual Battery

FBI Looking Into Lavish Gifts Given to VA Governor

Board of Governors: USPS Has No Authority to Cut Mail Delivery to Five Days