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Poor Ed Gillespie. Poll Shows Even Friends in GOP Are Voting in Droves for VA Dem Mark Warner

WATCH: VA Activists Slam ALEC, Demand Dominion Power Sever Ties

McDonnell Trial Update: Tawdry Details of the Former VA Gov's Abuse of Power

No Delay, No Stay, Yes Gay: Same Sex Marriages Might Be Granted in Virginia Next Week

PW County Clerk, Employer of Bigoted Extremist RPV Treasurer, Asks for Stay of Gay Marriage Ruling

Meet Virginia, Where Lenders' Lawyers Play While Soldiers Are Away

Just How in Love With Guns Is This VA AG Candidate?

Blame the President for the Surge of Central American Immigrants: President Reagan

Breathe Easy: Electric Cars Limit Pollution, Report Says

Video: VA Town Disturbingly Readies the Torches and Pitchforks for a Proposal to Help Refugees

Spoiled Brat: Upstart Tea Partier's Campaign Manager Hides Facebook Flubs

Straight Up Bribery: VA State Senate Kneecaps Medicaid

What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape

Bash n' Crash: Meet the Priest that Homophobic Bob McDonnell is Now Living With

$28M Cash Grab: Virginia Creates Taskforce Against Costly Misclassification and Payroll Fraud

Study Shows 24 States Refusing to Expand Medicaid Are Rejecting $423.6B in Federal Funds Over 9 Years

Virginia is for Lovers (Finally): Fed Court Overturns State's Gay Marriage Ban

Bill, Baby, Bill: Gas and Oil Production Nears All-Time High, but Gas Prices Do Too

Celebrating a Nation of Immigrants

ICE Detention Orders: Violating the Constitution, Undermining Public Safety, Draining Local Resources

So Much for the 'Moderate' Frank Wolf: VA Rep's Hateful Anti-Gay Marriage Rant Stuns Chamber

Why Does Obummer Have to Ruin Everything? Boehner Blames Prez for Cantor Upset

Down Goes Cantor! House Majority Leader Loses Seat in Stunning Primary Defeat

VA Voters (GOP and Dems Alike) Back EPA's Carbon Cuts by Wide Margins