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Cliven Bundy: God Told Me To Fight 'Civil War' Against Feds

Woman Faces Excommunication from Mormon Church for Asking for Equal Rights

Small Utah Town Sees Spike in Infant Mortality After Frackers Move In

Law Strikes Down Utah Adoption Act, 'Responsible' Fathers Can Now Contest for Custody

To Protect Privacy, Utah AG Gives Away Some of His Power

Lunches Seized From Kids in Debt at Utah Elementary School and Thrown Away

Campaign for Gay Marriage Braces for Arduous Battle in Deep South

VIDEO: Attorney General Holder Says Utah Same-Sex Marriages Will Be Federally Honored

Utah Man Starving Himself to Stop Same-Sex Marriages

Federal Judge to Consider Utah's Request to Block Marriage Equality

Should a 13-Year-Old and Her 12-Year-Old Partner Really Be Considered Sex Offenders?

UT State Senator Proposes to Longtime Partner at Party Celebrating SCOTUS Rulings

More Marriage Equality Victories: Courts Strike Down Gay Marriage Bans in Utah and Indiana

Forgetting the Meaning of Cruel and Unusual, Utah GOPer Calls for Return of Firing Squads

Curious Cop Downloaded Hundreds of Private Prescription Records Because He Could

Small Utah County More Polluted than Los Angeles, Thanks to Fracking

Canadian Company Called US Oil Sands Will Soon Start Extracting Utah's Tar Sands

Child Caught Mid-Adoption in Utah's Gay Marriage Back and Forth

Utah Is Ending Homelessness By Giving People Homes

Supreme Court Halts Same-Sex Marriages in Utah

Scare Avoided: Federal Judge Allows Gay Marriage to Continue in Utah

Global Mining Mogul and Close Colleague of Pres Clinton Joins US Oil Sands Board

Imagining Utah’s Alternative History as a Theodemocracy

Utah Students Forced to Push Fossil Fuel Propaganda for Earth Day