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Everything's Bigger in Rick Perry's Texas, Except a Woman's Right to Equal Pay

Justice Department Files New Suits in Voting Rights War with TX

TX City's Redistricting Proposal Proves Voting Rights Act Section 4 Is Sorely Missed

A Revealing Look Behind the Facade of Sexual Segregation

Four Openly LGBT Candidates Running for Texas House, Including Two Openly Gay Republicans

Don't Mess With TX's Discriminatory Laws: Senator Cornyn Argues for Photo Voter ID

Austin Council May Okay Plans for Developer to Deny Wages to Employees

TX Senator Ted Cruz Profited from Shady Clients During Campaign

Why Wendy Davis Needs to Run for Governor in 2014

Rick Perry Calls Third Special Session, GOP Rep Demands Wendy Davis Pay for Costs

TX Attorney General Loses 28th Lawsuit Against Obama Admin

Justice Department Combats Flawed Supreme Court Voting Rights Decision

Racist Bleach Bomb Attacks Continue on UT's Austin Campus

Twitter Factors In Greg Abbot Vs. Wendy Davis Matchup in TX, Study Says

Ted Cruz Birther Imbroglio: Admits He's Canadian, Says He's American

Health Care Reform Hurdles: Almost 60 Percent of Uninsured Texans Are Hispanic

Congressional Clown Steve Stockman Invites Obama Rodeo Clown to TX

TX Reformers Clash with Anti-Immigration Protesters

Congress Recesses With No Movement on Immigration

Multiple Reports of TX State Troopers Illegally Searching Women in Roadside Traffic Stops

Right Wrongly Claims Anti-Christian Bias in San Antonio Pro-LGBT Law

Embattled TX Candidate to Replace Rick Perry Investigating Scandal Ridden Agency He Once Headed

TX Rep Gohmert Offends Again with Disgusting Racial Remark

There's Hope Yet: Hispanics Could Deliver Congress to Democrats in 2014