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Texas Has an Ozone Problem. Is it Linked to Fracking?

Rick Perry Is Quietly Encouraging Texans to Sign Up for Obamacare

As Thanksgiving Approaches, Texas Will Lose Over $400 Million in Hunger Assistance

Gun Rights Activists Politicize the Alamo for the First Time in Over a Century

Same-Sex Marriage Recognition Coming To The High Plains Of TX

GOP Texas Gov Candidate at Odds with Lt Gov Hopefuls Over Texas DREAM Act

Against All Odds, TX State Rep Getting Things Done as a Freshman Legislator

Shark Tank Jumping: Mark Cuban Insider Trading Lawsuit Continues in Federal Court

Lawsuit Against TX Voter ID Gains Momentum Months Before It Impacts Election

'Options Are Fewer' for Texans, Says Wendy Davis in Announcing Run for Governor

TX Governor Perry Mansplains Away Wife's Support of Woman's Right to Choose

TX AG and GOP Candidate for Gov Has a Very Friendly Relationship With a Very Racist Blog

Fifth Graders Say Teacher Separated Black and White Students, Called Class ‘Stupid’

Texas Judge Switches Sides: 'The Republican Party Left Me'

Hearings Begin in Texas' Planned Parenthood v. Abbott Case

Medicaid Restrictions Making Abortion a Privilege, Not a Right, for Poor Texas Women

Number of TX Republicans Who Voted to Reopen the Government? Zero.

American People vs TransCanada: One Texan's Battle Against Eminent Domain

Bus Service Closings Leave Rural TX Women Without Access to Reproductive Health Care

TX Tea Party Toast: Repeal 17th Amendment, Let State Legislators Pick US Senators

Regressive TX Legislation Could Hinder 2/3 of Women Seeking Abortions, Says Study

GOP Official Who Backs White Supremacists Wants to be Next TX Attorney General

Louisiana Abortion Law Upheld, Also Sets Dangerous Precedent for Doctors in Miss and Texas

Trying to Stick It to Obamacare, GOP Throws Women Under the Bus