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Report: TX Family Planning Cuts Are a Human Rights Violation

2014 Elections Kick Off in TX: Davis and Abbott to Face Primary Challengers for Gov

Why Do We Need the Keystone Pipeline When We Have a Glut of Texas Oil?

Anti-Abortion Christian Activist Urges False Imprisonment Of Women Seeking Abortions

TX Republican Election Head Blames Wendy Davis for Voters Actually Voting

Fire and Water: TX Fracking Victim Battles Oil and Gas Company Over Well Contamination

Half of Young Adults Can Get Health Marketplace Coverage for $50 or Less Per Month

Wendy Davis Gains Ground in TX Gov Race, Trails Greg Abbott by Only 5 Points

Texas To Tea Party: No, the Alamo Won't Fall Under UN Control

Fmr. GOP Majority Leader: 'God Created This Nation And God Created The Constitution'

TX Abortion Clinics to Stay Open as New Restriction is Ruled Unconstitutional

Texas State Senators Call for Preservation of the DREAM Act

Gun Rights Group Terrorizes Mothers Advocating for Gun Safety

TX Sex Ed Lesson Plan: 'People Want to Marry a Virgin, Just Like They Want a Virgin Toothbrush'

Wendy Davis Officially On Ballot For 2014 Governor's Race

Ted Cruz's Father: He's a Christian King, Sent to Rule This Nation

Baylor University Student Body President Vetoes New LGBT Non-Discrimination Policy

National Right to Life Thinks TX Woman Denied an Abortion Is ‘Hilarious’

15 Things You Need To Know About David Barton, Potential TX Senator

Ruling by 5th Circuit Court Reverses Abortion Access for One Third of Texas Women

AG, State Sen and Gov Hopeful Wendy Davis All Forced to Sign Affidavits To Vote Under TX Voter ID Law

Koch Pipeline Oil Spill Reported Near Austin, Texas

Austin City Council Passes Landmark Wage Requirements for Development Incentives

Personal Problems at Heart of TX Gov Perry's Attempt to Oust University Head