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Energy Deregulation Has Cost Texans $22 Billion Over the Past Decade

TX Residents Battle Shale Production Facility and TCEQ Over Right to Breathe Air

Texas Will Run Out of Water Before It Runs Out of Oil

Houston Mayor Annise Parker To Wed Partner

Manufacturing an Argument: TX Takes Challenge Against EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations to Supreme Court

Cities Using Electric Vehicles Saving Taxpayers Six Figures

TX Drunk-Driving Teen Who Killed 4 People Highlights America's 'Affluenza' Affliction

Three of Four TX GOP Lt Governor Candidates: Teach Creationism In Public Schools

My $55,000 Migraine

The Most Horrible New Word in the English Language: Affluenza

TX Lawmakers on Reproductive Healthcare Access: Latinas Are 'Collateral Damage'

Evidence Suggests Oppressive Anti-Gay Laws Keep Men in the Closet

Houston Mayor Moves Same-Sex Marriage Benefits Lawsuit Out of Republican Judge's Court

Ted Cruz: Blocking Immigration Reform in 2014 a Great Opportunity...for Partisan Gain

TX Attorney General Doesn't Want to Talk About His Koch Problem

TX Law Forces Hospital, Family to Keep Pregnant Woman on Life Support Against Her Will

Right Wing Vs. Even Righter Wing: Rift Continues as TX Tea Party Groups Sue GOP

Same-Sex Marriage Benefits Blocked by Judge After Harris County GOP Sues City of Houston

Greg Abbott Tries to Take a Stand, but Candidate for Gov Fails to Address 96% of TX Students

Dallas Effectively Bans Fracking

The Tea Party Movement is Finally Dying

Shutdown Was So Last Year (Almost): Cruz and Cornyn Fight for Tea Party-Style Tactics Against Bipartisan Budget

Cop Kills TX College Student at Traffic Stop

'Fracked to Capacity' TX Suburb Sees Dwindling Returns and Sinking Quality of Life