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Gov Contender Wendy Davis Hopes to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession in TX

TX Congressman: Raise Taxes On The Poor

Tea Party Congressman Running for Senate Goes AWOL

First Arrests from Target Data Breach? Feds and Local Police Disagree

Texas GOP Board of Ed Candidate Likens Gay People to Murderers

Wendy Davis' Fundraising Results...In Animated GIF Form

GOP Lt Gov Candidates Want to Overturn TX's Two-Thirds Rule that Keeps Extremism at Bay

TX Rep on Why He Joined Congress: To Stop Single Moms from Getting Welfare

SURVEY: Lack of Awareness, Not Tech Glitches, Main Barrier to Health Care Enrollment

TX GOP Board Of Ed Candidate: 'We Know We Didn't Come From Monkeys!'

TX Republican Calls Wendy Davis 'Abortion Barbie,' Warns of Her 'Hispanic' Running Mate

TX Family Not Allowed to Removed Brain Dead Woman From Life Support Because She's Pregnant

Wendy Davis Agrees With GOP Opponent on 'Open-Carry' Handgun Laws

Republicans Can't 'Control Their Libido' When it Comes to Trashing Wendy Davis

Texas Spends Nearly $650,000 Defending Anti-Choice Laws

Constitutionality of TX Public Education Financing Tested Anew

Wendy Davis Recalls Struggle 'Making Ends Meet'

Wendy Davis' Massive Campaign Fundraising: $12.2 Million from 71,843 individuals

'No Guns Allowed,' Says TX Mall After AR-15 Carrying Man Charged With Disorderly Conduct

Austin City Council Challenges TX Statehouse, Congress to Better Champion Reproductive Justice

Pipe Dream? TX Court Favors Landowner in Keystone Eminent Domain Case

Interview: Man Who Could Light Water on Fire Vindicated by Fracking Study

15% of Austin Children Are Living in Extreme Poverty

Man Arrested for Carrying AR-15 Around Mall Could Hurt TX AG's Push for Open Carry