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At Least 14 TX Inmates Have Died from Overheating Since 2007

Fracking Victims Awarded Nearly $3M in Landmark Case

After Fertilizer Plant Explosion, TX Passes New Regulations... On Uteruses

Rick Perry Faces Grand Jury Probe

Exxon CEO Nets 3% Raise, Now Earns $28.1M Per Year

Scumbag Ted Cruz Tells Uninsured They Can Use ER, Backs Group that Wants ERs to Turn Away the Uninsured

170,000 Gallons of Tar-Like Oil Spill Into TX Waters After Two Ships Collide

Ted Cruz’s Dad: Being Gay 'Is a Choice, It’s Not a Civil Right'

Dems Eye First Statewide Win in 20 Years, as TX Primaries Kick Off Election Season

TX Town Might be First to Ban Fracking

Cashing In On Standardized Tests for 4-year-olds

Wendy Davis Agrees With GOP Opponent on 'Open-Carry' Handgun Laws

TX Congressman Faces Ethics Inquiry Over Campaign Finances

$3 Million Awarded in 'First Fracking Verdict in US History'

Emails Could Prove What Everyone Suspects: TX Voter ID Designed to Quell Minority Vote

TX Forum Hopes to Make GOP Even More Hostile to Gay Rights

VIDEO: President Obama Speaks at the Civil Rights Summit

Wendy Davis Opponent Getting Education Policy From a White Supremacist?

TX Town Pays Ted Nugent $16,250 Not to Perform at Fourth of July

Toast of TX: Tea Party Proves It's Still a Force in Nation's First Primary

Small TX Town Takes on Fracking Companies, Oil-Backed Legislature

Cruz: 'Our Heart Weeps' Due to Marriage Equality Gains

Gov Contender Wendy Davis Hopes to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession in TX

TX Congressman: Raise Taxes On The Poor