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Texas Failing to Spend Tobacco Taxes, Settlements on Anti-Smoking Efforts

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Multiple Students Wounded in TX School Shooting

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In Texas, School Choice Means Giving Wealthy White Families Taxpayer-Subsidized Private School

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Congressman Introduces Bill to Prod Administration on Fair Housing Enforcement

Study Shows Austin is Pretty Dense

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Jon Stewart Uses Inauguration Coverage To Illustrate Shallowness of Media

Republicans Call for More Guns in Schools in Wake of TX Shooting

TX Students Learning Jews Practice 'Flawed Religion' and Blacks are 'Descended from Ham'

Ben Stein: Raising Taxes on the Rich Does Not Hurt Growth

TX Marriott Project Audited for Potential Wage Violations

Obama EPA Censored Shale Gas Water Contamination Study

Gallup: Gun Regulation More Accepted by the Public Following Sandy Hook

Sorry TX, You're Still One of US

Ted Cruz Gets Started on the Crazy Foot

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Tells Donors He'll Run for Governor