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Epic Filibuster Helps Kill TX Anti-Abortion Bill

TX Democrats to Filibuster Restrictive Abortion Bill

Post Explosion, TX Still Has a 'Fertilizer Happens' Plan

Texas Leaves 2.3 Million on the Table While Health Clinics Close

Rick Perry to Women Workers: 82 Cents on the Dollar Is Good Enough

Texas Consolidates its Most Horrifying Anti-Choice Bills Into One Nightmare Piece of Legislation

GOP Senator Solicited Obamacare Grant Money While Voting to Defund It

Texans Paying $35,000/Day for Partisan Special Session to Implement Discriminatory Redistricting Maps

Austin May Become First TX City With Paid Parental Leave

Dents and Faulty Welds Found Along Keystone XL Pipeline

Bachmann is Dead, Long Live Ted Cruz!

Exxon Rejects Gay-Discrimination Ban... for the 16th Time

TX Republicans Cut Off Filibuster of Anti-Abortion Bill on Technicality

Texas State Rep: Emergency Rooms Have 'Rape Kits Where a Woman Can Get Cleaned Out'

Despite Protests, TX Passes Tough New Abortion Restrictions

Farm Bill Would Cut Food Assistance for 170,000 Texans

TX Congressman: Masturbating Fetuses Prove Need for Abortion Ban

Outgrowing Its Representation: TX Latinos Have Plenty to Lose in Redistricting Fight

TX Republicans For Immigration Reform Before They Were Against It

Immigrants Have Contributed Billions More to Medicare Than They Have Taken

Introducing the San Antonio City Council Election, Now With 50 Percent More Gay-Baiting

TX Officials are Alright With TX Officials Double-Dipping on Pensions

Oops: Rick Perry Vetoes Bipartisan 'Buy American' Bill

TX Gov. Rick Perry Calls Special Session to Implement Redistricting Maps Already Ruled Intentionally Discriminatory