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John Oliver Blasts Republican Predatory Loan Cronies

Conservative Got-Ya Journalist Crosses Border in Osama bin Laden Mask and Looks More Ridiculous Than He Did in a Pimp Costume

Federal Judge Blocks Antiquated AL Abortion Law, as Another Hears Arguments Over TX's

Fertilizer Companies Blame City for Deadly Explosion in Texas

The Rick Perry Border Conspiracy Show

Jailers Deny Pregnant Navy Vet Medication Needed to Continue Her Pregnancy

Wendy Davis' Famous Filibuster Turns One, Continues to Spread Courage for Those Fighting Anti-Abortion Fundies

Dallas Hospital Gives Workers Raise—Using Execs' Bonuses

Texas Warms to Solar Energy, Breaks Ground on Two Mega Sun-Soaking Farms

Eggs, Toast, and a Side of Outright Bigotry: TX Restaurant Condemned for Calling Couple 'Fags'

More Towns Warned They Could Run Out of Drinking Water

Convicted Murderer Cites Botched Oklahoma Execution in Last Minute Appeal

Anti-Gay Marriage Leader's Ex-Wife Left Him For Another Woman

El Koch Hermanos: Notorious Billionaires Offer Spanish Language Social Programs Packed with Free Market Gibberish

TX's French Boast? High Speed Rail from Houston to Dallas One Step Closer to Reality.

Out of State Companies Receiving Money from Rick Perry's Taxpayer-Funded Tech Project

Obama Speech: GOP Using Taxpayer Money to Sue Me for Doing a Good Job

Prescribing Coat Hangers: TX's Extreme Laws Force Women into DIY Abortions

Momentum for Decriminalizing Marijuana Grows in Texas

Texas GOP is Influencing Harsh Abortion Laws Across the Country

You Won't Believe the 5 Craziest Planks in the Texas GOP's Draft Agenda

Lawsuit: Jailers Ignored Texas Woman as She Gave Birth in Cell - and the Baby Died

TX Attorney General Protects His Payday Lenders’ Payday

'Paradise Stolen': No Recourse, Hope for TX Community Decimated by Salt Mine Collapse