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Liberty U Evangelical Alumnus Speaks in Tandem Support of Sanders and Spirit

Texas Approves Textbooks with Moses as Honorary Founding Father

A New McCarthyism: Frackers Slam TX Town with Propaganda

Twisted Metal: The Price of Oil May Include Traffic Fatalities

Who's Your Data? TX Stops Collecting Info on Race of Injured Workers, Paves Way for Discrimination.

Texas Strips Women of Their Health and Rights

Foiled by Demographics, TX Textbook Writers Turn to Brainwashing

New Texas Textbooks Tout Christian Heritage, Downplay Segregation

Dallas Teenager Deserves Compassion, Not Prosecution

Criminally Indicted TX Governor Jumps Back on Prez Campaign Trail

TX Construction Workers 12% More Likely to Be Killed on the Job

Halliburton Sells Fracking Mixtures That Contain Diesel (Even If It's Illegal to Use)

Coast Guard Chopper Chases Gulf Coast Poachers

Who Passed Gas? Methane Leaks at Fracking Sites Trap 86-Times the Heat of CO2.

Houston, We Have Your Access: City Joins Top Five with Open Data Policy

Supreme Court Blocks Portions of Texas Anti-Abortion Law

PACs Linked to Cornyn Staffer Have Nothing to Do with Cornyn. Honest.

Unions Gaining Members? In TEXAS?! Yup.

As Expected, No Follow-Through: TX Drags Feet on Providing Mandated Voter IDs

Austin's (Waistlines Are) Growing, but Use of Big Data, Detailed Map Technology Might Reverse the Trend

Soon in Texas, One Abortion Provider for Every One Million Potentially Pregnant Texans

How Much Will Rick Perry's Defense Team Cost TX Taxpayers? We May Never Know.

What Indictment? Perry Keeps Campaigning for Presidency.

An Innocent Man Is Dying of Cancer on Texas's Death Row