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BREAKING: $4.2 Million Jury Verdict Against Cabot Oil & Gas PA Water Contamination Lawsuit

2016 Democratic National Convention Stakes out Philly

Hypocritical Mass: PA GOP Accepts $1.8M from Labor, Slams Dem Opponent as a 'Union Boss'

30 Minutes of Less: Half Hour of Philly TV News Airs 11 Political Ads, No Political Stories

Sick of Hauling BS, PA FedEx Drivers Vote to Join Teamsters

Philadelphia Teachers Union Contract Unilaterally Cancelled as PA’s 'War on Teachers' Rages On

Mother Who Landed in Jail for Trying to Help Daughter Won't Be the Last

PA Plant Finally Agrees to Stop Dumping Radioactive and Toxic Materials from Fracking Wastewater into River

Mom Goes Online for Pills After PA GOP Shuts Down Almost All Abortion Clinics, Now Faces Jail Time

Pennsylvania Reveals Fracking Has Contaminated Drinking Water At Least 243 Times

$10.10? They Wish! 13,000 Disabled Pennsylvanians Make Just $2.40/Hour

After Rancher's Death, Calls for Fracking Health Study Grow Stronger

Obama Finalizes Iran Nuke Deal - Full Transcript

As New York Bans Fracking, Calls for Moratorium in Pennsylvania Grow Stronger

It Will Cost Pennsylvania Billions of Dollars to Cap Its Uncounted, Abandoned Oil Wells

Sneaky Buggers: PA GOP Tries – And Fails – to Pass 'Paycheck Deception' Amendment

Pennsylvania GOP Attempting to Add Pro-Gun Amendment to Domestic Violence Bill

Pennsylvania AG’s Office: Rape Victim Should Shoulder Blame for Attack

Proximity To Fracking Wells Increases Incidence Of Health Problems

REPORT: Coal Ash Causing Cancer in PA Prison

Pennsylvania Woman Goes to Prison for Ordering Abortion Pills Online for Daughter

Report: Pennsylvania Loves Fracking More than it's Own Citizens' Health

How the Recent Obamacare Ruling Could Play Out in Pennsylvania’s Gubernatorial Race

Ground Zero for Fracking Has Even Worse Regulatory Report Card Than Anticipated