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#AllLivesMatter: A Parable of Sorts

Bold Turkey: Pair of OH Dems Introduce Bill to Triple Thanksgiving Wages, Let Workers Opt Out

Ohio Earthquakes Directly Connected to Fracking, Research Shows

Despite Video Evidence, Grand Jury Refuses to Indict on Ohio Walmart Killing

Watch as an Ohio Congressman Bows to Economic Wonders of Coal and Fracking

Open Carry Unless You're Black: Man Killed by Police for Trying to Purchase BB Gun at Walmart

The 'Perfect Storm' Behind Toledo’s Toxic Tap Water

Biden's Job Creation Nuts and Bolts: Infrastructure and Apprenticeship

University Becomes First Catholic College to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Moving Backwards: Ohio Becomes First State to Roll Back Renewable Energy Mandate

OH Town Votes Against Fracking Ban for Third Time in a Year

Ohio Judge Weighs Stay in Gay Marriage Recognition Cases

Ohio Wants to Cloak the Death Penalty in Secrecy

Cincinnati May Lose Its Sole Abortion Clinic

When Democrats Break Right (to Wall Street), Unions Break Left

Lawyer: Surveillance Video Confirms John Crawford Fatally Shot by Police for Shopping at Walmart

8,000 Gallons of Oil Spill Into Ohio River From Duke Energy Coal Plant

Death of the Death Penalty? Ohio Judge Extends Moratorium on Executions Amid Two-Drug Controversy.

Toledo Lifts Water Ban But Polluted Lake Still Worries Experts

Swinging the Swing State: Working Class Whites Now Less Than 50% of Voters in Ohio

With Little Discussion, Ohio Republicans Have Put a Stop to New Wind Farms

Surprise! Oil and Gas Industry Defeats Common Sense in Ohio's Battle Over Fracking Waste

All Shook Up: 5 Earthquakes in Ohio Linked Directly to Oil Drilling

Scientists Link Fracking and Earthquakes, Ohio Makes Permit Conditions Strictest in US