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Clinton Embraces Same-Sex Marriage One Week Before Supreme Court Hears Cases

Sodas, Waistlines to Remain Large in New York City Thanks to Judge's Ruling

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New York Times Hacked Following Investigation of Top Chinese Leader

Barbara Walters Hospitalized with Chickenpox

We Are Kitty Genovese

Majority Report: Teen Killed by NYPD, Sparks Protest in Brooklyn

Catholics Polled: Sex Abuse and Pedophilia is Our Most Important Problem

NY Assembly Passes Fracking Moratorium, Senate Expected to Follow

Cartoonists Say Goodbye to Hugo Chavez

Dow Surpasses Record High, Yet Job Growth Remains Stagnant

The NRA Exploits Sandy for Gun Sales, but Crime Actually Fell After the Hurricane

Audit: Blacks, Latinos Still Likely to Face Housing Bias in Whitest Parts of Westchester

What Does Pope Benedict’s Resignation Mean for LGBT People?

Obit: Koch Had Chutzpah, Dies at 88

Unlocking Your Cell Phone is Now Illegal

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