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Sandygate? Christie Not the Only One Taking Heat for Misusing Relief Funds

Investigator: 'Unbelievable' That Nobody Told Christie About Lane Closures

I Was 'Misled': Gov. Christie Plays Victim in Bridge Scandal

More Than Football: NJ Works to Curb Sex Trafficking Before Super Bowl

Bridgegate: Despite Warnings, Christie Officials Messed With Bridge Traffic

NJ Policewoman Says Retaliation Resulted from Blowing the Whistle on Collective Bargaining Violations

Newark Students Boycott School to Protest Christie, Underfunding and Charter Schools

Christie's Sandy Relief Fund: Delayed, Politically-Connected, and Non-Transparent

Momentum for Paid Sick Days Builds as Jersey City Passes New Requirements

Cory Booker's Tall Tales Catching Up to His Disappointing Record of Reform

Grandstanding Christie: Jersey Shore Edition

79 Percent of Camden Children Below Federal Poverty Line; NJ at Its Worst Since 1950s

New Traffic Jam: Feds Investigating Christie's Use of Sandy Relief Funds for Campaign Ads

Christie Met With Port Authority Chief Days Before 'Time For Some Traffic Problems in Fort Lee' Email

New Emails Show NJ Gov Christie's Aides Allegedly Rigged Traffic Jams for Political Payback

Chris Christie Wanted IA Republicans to Know He Was Thinking About Them This Christmas

Jersey City Mayor Fires Back at Gun Fanatics Who Invoke Holocaust in Name of Second Amendment

NJ Voters OK Hourly Minimum Wage Hike to $8.25

Group of NJ Small Businesses Support Raising the Minimum Wage

Christie Relents, Withdraws Appeal On Same-Sex Marriage

NJ Judge: State Must Allow Same-Sex Marriages

Bridge and Tunnel Proud: Lessons NJ Can Take from Eventual NYC Mayor de Blasio

Gov Christie Delivers One-Two Punch to the Gut of NJ Construction Workers

Chris Christie's 'Stronger than the Storm' Campaign Fails to Deliver