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MN Governor Signs Minimum Wage Hike, Pledges to Keep with Inflation

MN Senate Approves Statewide Minimum Wage Boost

Sen Franken on Extending UI: 'Hardest Job Is Looking for a Job'

Heirloom Cheerios: General Mills to Sell non-GMO Version of Popular Cereal

Today's Income Inequality Not A Bad Thing Says Republican Lawmaker

Wave of Black Friday Strikes Kicks Off as Walmart CEO Steps Down

Bachmann: Obama 'Committed Impeachable Offenses,' Wants To Be A Dictator

VIDEO: How MN Went From No To Yes On Marriage Equality

Protesters Allege Police Shot Man Seven Times in the Back, Used Racial Slurs

Cartoonists Are Going to Miss Michele Bachmann

MN Republican Blames Constituents on Vote Against Marriage Equality

MN Senate Finance Committee Approves Same-Sex Marriage

MN Rep Says Being Beaten by His Bus Driver Prevented Him from Bullying. Ergo Anti-Bullying Bill Was Unnecessary

MN State Rep: Anti-Bullying Bill is Fascist and 'Assault on the Bible'

MN Could Become Third State to Ban Teen 'Gay To Straight' Therapy

Predator IV: Lender Falsifies Documents, Gets Away with Foreclosure of Active-Duty Soldier's Home

What's Killing Our Bees?

City Council Member Betsy Hodges Wins Race for Minneapolis Mayor

Bachmann: 'We Are In The End Times'

Potential Bachmann Successor Co-Hosted Show That Told Sandy Hook Families 'Go to Hell'

Without Michele Bachmann, Who Is The Craziest Member of Congress?

Watch: Crowd Cheers MN Same-Sex Marriage Bill Authors

On 75-59 Vote, Marriage Equality Passes MN House

Safe Schools or Suicide Breeding Ground? Student Testifies in MN