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Transcript: President Obama Speaks About Baltimore: "This is not new ..."

Outrage in Maryland as Feds Approve Controversial Natural Gas Facility

Judge Rules Dominion Violated MD Constitution with Zoning Exemptions, Frackers Promise to Get Federal Permits

Maryland GOP Candidate Agrees the South May Need to Secede

MD Governor’s Landmark Veto Saves $200 Million Wind Project

MD Judge Rules County Can Ignore Bargaining Agreement, Quotes ‘House of Cards’ in Defense

STUDY: Fracking Presents High Risk of Water Contamination in MD

GOP Rep Who Blamed Gay Marriage for Drunken Boat Accident Busted Again for DUI

A Third of All Bee Colonies in the US Died Last Winter

Remembering the Vietnam War - 40 Years Later

MD Lawmakers Pushing Bill That Would Give Rich Boat Owners a Tax Cut

NFL Player Using Super Bowl to Promote Marriage Equality

Gang Members Blow Holes in Baltimore Police Narrative

GOP Candidate and Top Anti-Immigrant Activist Charged With Child Sexual Abuse

GOP Candidate Brings Black 'Friends' to Totally Vouch He's Not a Racist

House Debates Looser Gas Export Restrictions, Residents Wonder About Asthma and Lung Cancer

Do Cops in MD Really Need to Live-Tweet Prostitution Sting?

Big Rig, Big Deal: Obama to Issue Tougher Fuel-Efficiency Standards for Delivery Trucks

Teen Shooter in Deadly Mall Attack Bought Gun Legally, 'Expressed General Unhappiness'

GOP Congressman: 'House is in No Rush to Take Up Immigration'

Death Penalty Abolished in MD, First State South of the Mason-Dixon Line

HIV Decriminalization Under the Microscope in MD

MD Boy Scout Pack Forced to Take Down Statement Supporting Gay Members

Sen. Barbara Mikulski to Become First Female Appropriations Committee Chair