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Senator Mitch McConnell And Richard Mourdock On The Couch At The Columbia Club! Photo

Samuel Wynn: "I Will Never Again Support Anything By The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association"

Senator Rand Paul Doubles Down On Richard Mourdock With A Six Figure Ad Buy.

Barnes And Noble Credit Card Scam Affects 63 Of It's Stores. Barnes and Noble Press Release.

The Biggest Lie of 2012

Billy Graham And Franklin Graham Two Peas In A Right-Wing Anti Semitic Islamophobe Pod?

Rebuilding America Blocked by the Politics of 'Nation Building'

How Fast Can You Say Special OPSEC Educational Fund Is Responsible For The Contents In This Ad?

Will Mitt Romney and The Republicans Get What They Wanted All Along?

FUN SIZE Movie Trailer.

What is copywriting?

Hey Mitt Romney Meatloaf, Randy Owens, John Rich, Big Kenny Are Nothing But Ray Charles Wannabe's!

Americans for Prosperity (aka Koch Brothers) Bus Tour In Right-Wing Madison, Indiana Is A Flop!

"Republicans Fight for Small Business"

Hey Florida Mitt Romney And Marco Rubio Endorsed Richard Mourdock! Video

When Life Begins In That Horrible Situation Of Rape, That is Something That God Intended To Happen

The 'Apology Tour' Lie Reexamined... Again


Courier Journal Endorses Bill Adkins, John Yarmuth And Ben Chandler.

Mitt Romney Got Rich Off Trickle-Down: Did You?

Undecided Voters? CNN And MSNBC Please Don't Waste My Time With Your So-Called Undecided Voters!

Maybe We Should Take A Look At Those That Benefited From The Benghazi Consulate Attack!