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Sunday Train: Cycle & Pedestrian Islands and Tiny Trains

Must Reads For Those Seeking The Truth!

Impending Jobs Crisis

.001% of The Worlds Population Controls Over 30% Of The Worlds Financial Wealth.

Mitch McConnell And Rand Paul To Speak At Tea Party Rally In Frankfort, Kentucky August 21, 2012.

Sunday Train: Rescuing the Exurb from its Design

Protecting Veterans...

Senator Mitch McConnell Helps Susan Mary Collins Get The Health Care She Needs. Too Bad It's Prison

Happy Birthday Dad

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Right-Wing Talking Points. You Can't Make This Stuff Up! Do They Really Believe This stuff?

Mitt Romney, Harry Reid, An Extremely Credible Source, Tax Returns And John McCain!

Like The Gipper, Mitt Loves Unions ... in Poland

Statement From Congressman Geoff Davis

First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Mississippi, Charles Wilson And Te'Andrea.

Educating Kentucky Voters...One Email at a time...

The Republican Runaround on Jobs

No Chick-fil-A for us

Help Sarah Silverman Scissor Sheldon Sheldon Adelson. Sign The Petition.

The Tax Argument in a Nutshell