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Medicare Part D, Big PHARMA, Crestor & The Doughnut Hole. America Ripping Off It's Senior Citizens

Encouraging new businesses

Ayn Ryan

Senior Citizens Ready Throw Their Children Under The Corporate Bus And Support Paul Ryan's Budget?

Is Jon A. Husted Ohio Secretary Of State Resurrecting "Jim Crow?"

Boy Scouts, Child Abuse, Sexual Predators And A Paper Trail Of Abuse.

Construct Top Quality Pools with Specialist

Quality Pools provides quality swimming pool construction and renovation services for its clients

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association "Highmark"

The New Facebook Timeline Sucks.

Mitt Romney Doesn't Want The USA To Be Like Europe, He Wants The USA To Be Like South America!

Michelle Malkin, Twitter, The Family Research Council Shooting And Right Wing Talking Points.

Chavis Carter Suicide?

What's Up With Congressman Ed Whitfield's Wife Constance Harriman-Whitfield? A Tax Problem?

People Want Hope and a Plan, Here's One Way

Since Corporations Are People, Shouldn't We Force Their Lazy Corporate A$$es Off Of Welfare.

Big Spender Earmark King Mitch McConnell To Speak At Tea Party Rally. Don't Tread On My Earmarks?

The Mars Curiosity Rover Has Landed. Wow!!