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KY Dems Defeat Latest Round of GOP Efforts to Gut Prevailing Wages and Institute Right-to-Work Laws

Tweak to KY Law May Allow Rand Paul to Run for President, Senate at Once

Judge: KY Must Immediately Recognize Other States' Same-Sex Marriages

Does Mitch McConnell's Double-Digit Gender Gap Doom Him in November?

Mitch McConnell Holding Captive Audience Meetings With Hospital Employees

No Surprise: Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Publicly Preached Against Gays for Years

The Top Liberal Facebook Pages 'Liked' by Sen Mitch McConnell's Daughter

Signs Indicate Collusion Between Super PAC and McConnell in Scheme To Discredit Rivals

Ron Paul Bribery Shenanigans May Implicate Sen McConnell Campaign Manager

Mitch McConnell Meets His Match: Alison Lundergan Grimes to Run for Senate

CBO Predicts US Deficit Will Plummet but Republican Austerity Obsession Shows No Sign of Waning

Paul for President: KY Senator Considers 2016 Bid

KY Looking to Get Rich By Locking Up Grandpa

Outside Counsel Brought in for KY's Fight Against Gay Marriage

Clinton Makes 2014 Campaign Trail Debut, Backs Grimes Over McConnell

Watch Allison Lundergan Grimes Call Out Senator Mitch McConnell on Minimum Wage

Whoops: KY Rep. Accidentally Fires Gun In State Capitol

Labor Sec Tom Perez: 'Creative Labor-Management Partnerships Are Saving and Creating Jobs'

McConnell Camp Tweet: Bad Grammar, Worse Photoshopping, in the Worst Taste

Kentucky Lawmakers Fight Against No One to Keep Coal Dirty

Even Mitch McConnell Isn't Conservative Enough for Today's GOP

OUR Walmart's 'Ride for Respect' to Descend on Walmart Shareholders' Meeting, June 7th

Abusing Independent Contractors: KY Business Ordered to Pay Millions in Back Pay

Sen McConnell Wants to Filibuster Gun Responsibility Legislation