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Stripped of Collective Bargaining, Fort Wayne Workers Find Grievances Difficult to Pursue

With One Case Before State Supreme Court, 2nd IN Judge Rules 'Right-to-Work' Unconstitutional

There's Actually One Republican Who Isn't a Climate Change Denier

Mayoral Veto Threat May Not Be Enough to Avoid Destruction of Collective Bargaining in Fort Wayne

No More Common Core: Indiana Withdraws from National Education Plan

One J-School Internship Coordinator Says Paid Positions Have Dropped by Nearly Half

Momentum Shifts in Indiana for Gay Marriage, Against Hateful Constitutional Amendment

Gay Marriage License in IN Now a Felony

Cuts to Meals on Wheels Leave Seniors Hungry, Increase Health Care Costs for Government

What's Gay Marriage? US Supreme Court Hears Soybean Case

Indiana to Cut Off Food Stamps for 65,000 Residents

Due Negligence: Fort Wayne Ups Indiana's Anti-Union Ante

IN Gov Mike Pence Opposes Stimulus Projects Unless They Benefit Mike Pence

BP Doubles Initial Estimate of Lake Michigan Oil Spill

Indiana Construction Co. Threatened, Intimidated Workers Trying to Unionize, Feds Say

Surprise Victory: Procedural Tactic Stalls Indiana Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

IN Judge Rules 'Right-to-Work' Unconstitutional; Law Will Remain in Effect While AG Files Appeal

Ball State University Keeps Hiring Science Professors Who Believe in Intelligent Design

Hoosier Daddy? Court to Leave Indiana's Planned Parenthood Alone

Romney Vows Support For IN Senate Candidate Who Said a Baby Conceived in Rape is a Gift From God