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2-year-old Unintentionally Shoots and Kills Woman in Idaho Wal-Mart

Right-to-Work Works Its Magic in Idaho: State Ranks 49th in Income per Capita

Permission to Abuse Animals: Idaho's 'Ag-Gag' Bill Signed Into Law

Workers at Fed Health Care Call Center Alleges Unpaid OT

Craig Claims $217,000 in Campaign Funds Were Necessary in Airport Sex Sting, Judge Winces

Oh Crap: Mormon Sen. Michael Crapo Charged with Drunk Driving

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Idaho Republican: No Marriage Licenses For Anyone Because Gay Marriage Is Legal

The Unlikely LGBT Victory that Happened This Week in Idaho

Former State Senator Among Dozens Arrested in Idaho Gay Rights Protest

Only 10 Percent of OSHA Inspectors Think OSHA Can Protect Whistleblowers

ID Republican Introduces Bill to Require Every High School Student to Read Ayn Rand

Republican's Insane Idea to Reverse the Election in Romney's Favor