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Hallowean: 50K Young, Minority Georgia Voters Mysteriously Disappear from the Rolls

NLRB: CNN Must Pay Back Union Workers They Illegally Fired 10 Years Ago

GOP Candidate Outraged by the Very Thing He Sought To Provoke

7 Outrageous Rants From GOP House Candidate Jody Hice

Georgia's Dirty Little Secret: Court Rules Execution Drug's Confidentiality Is Constitutional

GA Town's 'Must Carry' Gun Requirement Didn't Stop This Mass Shooting

Shooter Wounds Six in Atlanta FedEx Before Apparently Killing Himself

With FBI Investigating GOP Incumbent, Dem Jason Carter Surges in Georgia Gov Polls, Fundraising

Congressman Proposes Poor Kids Sweep School to Earn Lunch

'Extreme Privatization': Fully Outsourced Cities

Bloomberg Is Bad? Georgia Just Banned Being Nice

Creator of Georgia State’s White Student Union Thinks You’re a Racist for Thinking He’s a Racist

'Right to Vote is Still Precariously Endangered': 50k Young, Minority Voters Disappear from Georgia Rolls

Obama on Ebola: Chance of US Outbreak 'Extremely Low,' Situation in Africa is 'Spiraling out of Control'

Demilitarization Zone: Congressman Drafting Bill to Keep Army's Heavy Artillery from Police Departments

Secret Recording Reveals Staples Held Captive Audience Union-Busting Meeting

Obama Judicial Nominee’s Record on Civil Rights is Worse Than You Thought

Batter's Up: Man Terrorizes Little Leaguers With Gun (and It's All Legal)

Georgia Out of Its Mind?!? State Allows People to Bring Guns Into Bars, Schools and Churches

GA Gov Defends Confederate License Plate: Part of 'Cultural Heritage Of Our State'

Hoping to Stem Tide of Dem Decline, Grandson of Jimmy Carter Plans Run for Governor in GA

Privacy Protections Abound in Germany, Stymying NSA Intrusion

Department Circumvents Georgia Legislature to Cut Abortion Insurance Coverage

Goin' Rogue: Tea Party Pushes Solar Power Growth in Georgia