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They Failed Math: For-Profit Schools Caught Squandering $100M in Taxpayer Money

Notorious Prosecutor Leads The Country In Death Sentences Against Black Men

Hillary Applauds AZ Gov's Veto of Hateful Anti-Gay Bill

Rubio Unconvincingly Explains Why He Blocked Openly Gay African-American Judicial Nominee

US Sends 3 Prisoners to Slovakia, Inches Closer to Closing Guantanamo After

Guilty of Cocaine Possession, FL Rep Trey Radel Refuses to Resign

40 Percent of Gunshot Injuries in FL Hospitals Are Due to Unintentional Shootings

Former Informant Sues US for $15M After She Was Left in Colombian Prison for Years

Anti-Muslim Pastor Arrested With Thousands of Kerosene-Soaked Qurans

FL Police 'Stand By' Brutal Assault of Woman Stopped for Possible DUI

George Zimmerman's Wife Comes Clean - Calls Him 'Selfish,' Says He Made 'Reckless Decisions'

GOP Congressman Praises Birther Conspiracy, Calls Obamacare Racist Against White People

Oh, Florida. Race to Replace Cocaine-Using Rep Turns into Utter Clown Show

Obamacare Gets First Test at the Ballot Ahead of 2014 Midterm Elections

ALEC, Exxon-Written Fracking Bill Keeps Chemicals Proprietary, Hidden From Florida Public

New Reports Show Economists Paid by Very Industry They're Supposed to Objectively Analyze

Nearly Half of Country's Immigration Judges Set to Retire, Could Push Court Backlog to Brink

Hottest November Ever: Earth Records 345th Straight Month of Above-Average Temperatures

Marco Rubio To Headline Anti-Gay Fundraiser

FL Woman Given 20 Years in Stand Your Ground Self-Defense Case Granted Retrial

Police Chief Thinks Zimmerman is Another 'Sandy Hook' Waiting to Happen

REPORT: George Zimmerman Threatens Wife With Gun, Divorce Papers Filed

Citing 'Stand Your Ground,' FL Prosecutors Won't Charge Teen Shooter

Oh, Brother: Emails from Jeb Bush’s Education Privatization Group Prioritize Profit Over Pupils