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ALEC-Tainted Legislation Designed to Block Local Control Over Fracking Bans Stalled In Florida

Sunshine State Solar Industry Fighting Koch Fueled Denier Onslaught

Bill Nye's Science Conversation With Obama - Full Video

FL GOP Gov Rick Scott Fumbles Attempt to Pass Blame for FanGate Tantrum

FL Woman Wins Dem Primary, Repub Boss Fires Her For It

Not So Great Scott: FL Gov Refuses to Learn Anything from 'Lesson' with Climate Scientists

Do Monarchs Pay Taxes? Burger King's Pursuit of Tim Hortons Seen as Tax Inversion Ploy.

Battleground Margaritaville: Florida County's Gay Marriage Approval Draws Rapid GOP Response

Back to the Drawing Board: FL District Lines Illegal, Benefit GOP Only, Judge Rules

Watch a Florida Congressman Nonsensically Compare Dinosaur Extinction to Climate Change

Fracking Ban Within Reach of CA County

Thoughts on Western Stand-Off From Florida

St. Pete Becomes First Florida City to Enact Wage Theft Ordinance, Empower Abused Workers

Hippies Were Happy

South Florida Wants to Split, Become 51st State Over Climate Change

Florida Gay Rights PAC Slams (Wait, What?) Democratic Rep

Have It Your Way: Burger King's Evolution from Fast Food to Fast Finance Is Sucking America Dry

Charter Schools: Now Complete With ALEC Members and FBI Raids!

Nothing to See Here! CIA Redacts Own Conduct Report.

FL Will Redraw Gerrymandered Maps, AFTER 2014 Elections

Miami Sues Banking Giant Over Predatory Mortgages

On Campaign, GOP Congressman Suggested Only Property Owners Should Be Able to Vote

Marco Rubio: Let the Planet Burn, Let Florida Drown