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Freedom of Information Hits a Texting Snag

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Insurers Think 'Sucker' Is a Pre-Existing Condition, Try to Bilk the Sick With Inflated Drug Prices

Expose Yourself! (To Benzene and Other Toxic Chemicals at Fracking Sites)

Mo’ (Dark) Money, Mo’ (Dark) Money, Mo’ (Dark) Money!

The Tantrum Doctrine: Republican Sabotage is Wrecking the Recovery

China Moves on Cap-and-Trade, US Stuck with Science-Incredulous GOP

Operation Freedom Ain't Free: What Will the War Against ISIS Cost?

Video: Obama's Statement on Airstrikes in Syria, Says Congress Supports Efforts Against ISIS

Dirty Business: Major Coal Company Demoted from S&P 500, Market Urges Fracking Investment

OSHA to Publish Data on Workplace Injuries, Companies Now Forced to Report All Hospitalizations

Collective Magic: Unions Buck Stagnant Income Trend

Power Grab: 'Investor-State Dispute Settlements' Are the Worst Thing You’ve Never Heard Of

The ISIS Trap: McCain, Warmongers Fall For It (Again)

There's No War on Women! *Crosses Fingers, Filibusters Paycheck Fairness Act*

Why Can't Senate Candidates File Their Campaign Finance Reports Electronically Like Everyone Else?