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Oil Industry Spending Big to Win Unfettered Fracking Rights in CA

Proposed Costa Mesa Charter Would Eliminate Prevailing Wage, Middle Class Jobs

Olfactory Problems at Hot Sauce Factory: Sriracha Maker Under Fire

Occupy Pepper-Spraying Cop Awarded $38K Settlement

Closing the Floodgates: The Media's Movement to Shut Off Climate Change Deniers

While CA Expands Access, Bakersfield City Council Debates Restricting Abortion Access

San Francisco Bay Area Transit Strike as Labor Talks Break Down

California Legislative Session: Raises Minimum Wage, Axes Corporate Tax Breaks, Passes Immigrant Protection

Supreme Court: California Must Reduce Prison Population by 9,600 Inmates

CA Gov Brown Signs Nearly 90 Percent of Bills, Vetoes Gun Safety Measures

Don't Have a Strike, Man: City and BART Workers Close to Deal, Push Deadline to Tonight

Should Doctors Have To Pee In A Cup, Too?

Bay Area 51: Google Building Massive and Mysterious Barge in San Francisco Bay

CA Water Action Plan Greenwashes Corporate Water Grab

Gas Station Company Valero Fined $300K for Bay Area Air Quality Transgressions

Union and BART Officials Forge Agreement, End Costly Bay Area Strike

Labor Leader: 'This Is BART Management's Strike. They Own It'

San Fran's BART Grinds to a Halt, Second Strike in Four Months

Indian Tribe Establishes Highest Minimum Wage in the US

Career Politician Teams Up With Enron Billionaire to Gut Pensions for Workers

The Socially Conservative State of…California?

$664,000 Misclassification Decision Levied on Unscrupulous Sacramento Landscaper

LA Times Bans Climate Deniers: When Will the Rest of the Media Follow Suit?

California Takes Two Giant Steps Forward to Protect Reproductive Rights