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Opposition to CA's Peripheral Tunnel Plans Call on Obama to Intervene, Save Drought Stricken State

Women's Rights Advocate Sandra Fluke Opts for CA State Senate Run Over Congressional Spot

Billionaire Lunatic: Talking About Income Inequality Means You're a Nazi

How Toxic Are Your Personal Care Products? CA Wants You to Know

Transgender Students and the Right's Great Bathroom Scare

Without Government Funding, the Science of Abortion and Women's Health Is Lost in Politics

Underreported Attack on CA Power Station Exposes Physical World Grid Vulnerability

2014 Rose Parade Features First-Ever Same-Sex Marriage

Walmart Contractor Pays $4.7M Overtime Wage Settlement, Avoids Admitting Wrongdoing

Victim Killed Not By Airplane Crash, But By Emergency Vehicles in the Aftermath

Inmates Being Paid $1/Hour to Fight Wildfires Under Guise of 'Conservation Camp'

FBI Raided Offices Because He Wouldn't Snitch, Claims CA State Senator

Amid Scandal, San Diego Becomes Largest City With Republican Mayor

CA State Senator Rod Wright Faces Up to 8 Years in Jail for Lying About Residency

California Drought Declaration Fails to Address Fracking, Tunnel Projects and Corporate Water Waste

Two Officers Cleared of Charges in Controversial Death of Homeless Man

Light at the End of the Tunnel? First of Two Unions Approve BART Contract

Hear Me Now? NSA's Phone Surveillance Program Could Be Tried by Supreme Court

Without Enforcement, Patients Fend for Themselves in Medicare Drug Fraud Scams

Environmental Groups and US Navy Battle Over Use of Sonar and Its Impact

In CA, Prostitutes Now Have Redress for Abuse on the Job

LA County Sheriff's Deputies Arrested Amid Prison Inmate Abuse Scandal

Where There's Smoke: Prison Inmates Paid Less Than $1 Per Hour to Fight Wildfires

What the Zuck??!? Facebook Chairman's Sister Urges Americans to Honor Vets by Buying Her Book