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CA Trucking Company's Efforts to Keep Misclassified Workers from Unionizing Are Downright Dastardly

A Stronger Union: $600M Promised to Help Vets Find Housing in CA

First Seattle, Now San Fran: $15 Minimum Wage Catches On

Nixing CA Teacher Tenure Just the Beginning. Pro-Business Groups Set Sights on Nat'l Public Education

Beyond Human Capital: Donald Sterling, Race, and Sports Ownership

Study Links Voter ID Laws (and Lawmakers) to Bias Against Latinos

Bought and Paid For: CA State Senators in Pocket of Big Oil Won't Back Fracking Moratorium

JPMorgan Systematically Steered Minorities Into Foreclosure, Says City of LA Lawsuit

One CA City's Battle to Protect Prevailing Wages Against Unsavory Motivations

Father of UCSB Shooting Victim's Heartfelt Call for Gun Control

The Case of the Disappearing Shale: Seems CA Deposits Greatly Exaggerated by Oil Industry

Hell, Fire and Brimstone: California's Godzilla-Sized Nuke Problem

Longshore, Long Negotiations: West Coast Dockworkers Still on the Job Without Contract (for Now)

$67B Peripheral Tunnels Too Much for Economist Hired to Show Financial Benefit of Frack-Happy Project

Corrupting Cali: Point Man for State's $67B Peripheral Tunnels Plan Charged with Illegal Lobbying

Wage Theft Was the Case that They Gave Me: Snoop Dogg Sued by Bodyguards

Bad Apples? CA Judge Strikes Down Tenure, Teacher Protections

CA Sens Who Fought Fracking Moratorium Got 14x More Money from Big Oil Than Bill's Supporters

That's Chamber of Commerce (not Wages): Group Pledges Fight Against Wage Theft Bill

City of LA Sues JPMorgan for Systematically Steering Minorities Into Foreclosure

If CA State Gov't Won't, The People Will. Residents Fight Back Against Fracking

Without the Industry-Promised 'Ocean of Black Gold,' CA Senate Committee Approves Fracking Moratorium

Chief Fracking Officer on Methane's Impact: The Numbers 'Certainly Concern Me'

Wildfires Spread Like Wildfire: Major Studies Link CA's Burning to Climate Change