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AZ Sheriff Warns Militias to Stand Down After Minuteman Mistakes Deputy for Smuggler

Former FCC Member: Broadband in State of Emergency, One Third of US Lacks Access

They Were From the Government

Eloy Suicides Show Private Prisons’ Disregard for Human Life

Housing Index Inches to Highest in Seven Years at 9.3%

McCain's Gang of Eight Presents an 844-Page Immigration Bill

McCain and His Magic Eight See 'A Great Deal of Unhappiness' on Immigration Front

The ‘Show Me Your Papers Before You Go Potty’ Bill

Two More Shootings Occur as Lawmakers Discuss Gun Safety on Capitol Hill

Giffords Launches PAC to Weaken NRA's Hold on Lawmakers

Baseball Hall of Famer Unintentionally Shoots Chicago Cubs Manager While Quail Hunting

John McCain Criticizes Citizens United

Arizona AG Insists Abortion Restriction Based on Racial Stereotypes Is Not Discriminatory

Top Wildfire Fighter: 'We've Had Climate Change Beat Into Us'

Banning Abortion After 20 Weeks Shows Pro-Lifers' Disregard for Life

Anti-Choice Extremists Going to Extreme Lengths

McCain: Passing Immigration Reform in the Senate is 'Very Doable'

Senate Bipartisan Immigration Bill May Exclude Hundreds of Thousands

Republican Lawmaker: GOP Presidential Candidate Who Supports Gay Marriage 'Inevitable'

Jodi Arias Doesn't Remember Stabbing Her Boyfriend 27 Times, Faces Possible Death Sentence

Proposed AZ Law Would Block Federal Gun Bans

AZ College Fights to Stay Competitive with Online Education Offerings

Arizona Latino Voter Suppression