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Speaker Mike Hubbard To Public Service Commission: "Don't Take Your Jobs Too Seriously."

Alabama Public Service Commission Only Serves Industry.

12-Year-Old Accidentally Kills Cousin with Shotgun He Got for Christmas

AL-05 Mo Brooks' District Is Ground Zero For Tornado Damage. Do We "Deserve" FEMA Aid?

AL State Senator Bill Holtzclaw Talking Sense on Arming Teachers: Will the Legislature Listen?

Pardon Attorney Misrepresented Facts to White House in Clarence Aaron Case

AL Speaker Mike Hubbard Is Having A Bad Day

Democratic Leadership's Plan For The Next Legislative Session: Stupid Gun Legislation

Hostess Executives Enjoy Bankruptcy's Creamy Filling

Are The Millions We Give Away In Subsidies Worth It?

Today's Right Wing Conspiracy Theory: ACORN Stole The 2012 Election


Best Headline Ever: "GOP Looks For Ways To Stop The Rape Comments."

Dale Petersen Out of "Confidential" Position - But He's Not Going Quietly

Congress Less Popular Than Root Canals, Donald Trump

AL-05 Mo Brooks Denies Sandy Victims The Same Aid That Alabamians "Deserved" In 2011

AL Releases Graphic Workplace Shooting Preparedness Video

Madison County Teenage Democrats To Hold First Meeting Tomorrow

"Betrayal Without Remedy:" Hostess Management's "Creamy Filling" Includes Worker Pension Money

Pelosi Challenges GOP to Work More Than Two Days Per Week

Huntsville Hospital Offers Compensation to Family for Death of Toddler

Who Is Your Representative Representing?

Sessions & Shelby Join GOP Anti-UN Conspiracists To Kill UN Disabled Rights Treaty

University of Alabama Spending Over $1M To Pay Two Presidents While Whining About Budget Cuts