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Saturday Gardening Blog & Open Thread: When Saving Seeds Gets You Sued

AL Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III Votes To Protect Modern Day Slavery

SB122 Encourages Public Corruption In Alabama

In AL We Trust: Can the State Pay Itself Back by 2026?

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HD-37 Rep. Richard Laird's Wild & Crazy Sense of Humor

SB25: A Bad Option for Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinics

Meet Congressman John Lewis In Hunstville on Saturday, Feb. 2nd

2013 Legislative Session Preview: "Firearms Freedom Act" (HB8) - Attack of the "Tenthers"

Be Very Afraid Of The 2013 Alabama GOP Legislative Priorities: God, Guns, & Girls

Calling Alabama Seed Savers! Seed Exchange Event in Huntsville Feb. 1st at 6pm

Today's The Day! Inauguration Festivies In Washington DC

Ask Legislators To Take Mental Health Care As Seriously As They Do "Gun Rights"

State of the Union Address Watch Parties Scheduled Tonight Across the State

New Legislative Contact Page Is Available

HB188 - Rep. Patricia Todd Introduces Compromise Bill For Low-Cost Spa/Neuter Clinics

HD-42: Rep. Kurt Wallace: A "family is a husband, wife, and children." Too bad for the infertile.

Billy Jack Gaither's Death: A Sobering Reminder That Attitudes Can Kill

HD-37 - Rep. Richard Laird Is Now Homeless

AL Animal Welfare Legislation Takes Center Stage

Will The Republican Party Accept Bobby Jindal's Advice & "Stop Being Stupid?"

Terry Dunn VS the Alabama PSC (and GOP): Round Three

Alabama Looks at Inauguration Day

Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning Is A Constitutional Scholar - Or So He Thinks