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And The Dale Peterson Stories Just Keep On Coming.....

Dothan & Tuscaloosa Airports To Lose Control Towers Thanks To Sequestration

Rally & Lobby Day For Women's Health Issues: April 2 Noon-2pm in Montgomery

Limestone County School System Asked To Help Fund Corporate Welfare.

Could A 12-Step Program Fix What Ails Alabama? Part 2

Could A 12-Step Program Fix What Ails Alabama? Part 1

AL-05 - Congressman Mo Brooks Votes Against House GOP Leaders & His Constituents

Democrats to AL Governor: 'Surely A Doctor Would Want to Extend Health Care to Citizens'

Busy Week For The Legislature On Education, School Safety, and Women's Health

Voting Rights Act Meets the Supreme Court: Will Ballot Box Discrimination Get the Boot?

The 2012 National Republican Party Is Starting To Look Like The 2010 Alabama Democratic Party

Mary Sue McClurkin Thinks Fetuses Are Organs! We Couldn't Make This Up!

Why We Still Need Unions & OSHA: Remembering The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Spring Events Calendar From "Bama Environmental News"

HB22 Petition: ...And A Child Shall Lead Them.

HD37: Richard Laird's Zombie Bill Is Once Again Roaming The Legislature

ADP State & County Leaders Urge Ceasefire In The War On Women

Senator Rob Portman's Epiphany Shows The Limits Of Empathy In The GOP

SB261 Proposes To Let The Foxes Guard the Henhouse

Rally To Stop The War On Women: March 17 in Huntsville 2-4pm

Speaker Hubbard Makes An Appearance with Men in Capes at Pro-Life Rally

Sequester in AL: We'll Just Shoot the Tornadoes! Who Needs the National Weather Service?

AL-07 Join Congresswomen Terri Sewell & Debbie Wasserman-Schultz For A "Power Lunch" March 8th

AL-05 - Congressman Mo Books Holds Town Hall Meeting in Madison Tonight at 7pm