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AL Sheriff Arrests Blogger for Exposing Affair with Lobbyist

Fear and Loathing in Huntsville: Anti-Choice Protestors Target Hospitals in Alabama

Canadian Tar Sands Companies Set Sights on Vulnerable Mobile, AL

AL County Wastes $300K on Second Special Election Less Than a Year After State Spent Millions

Crimson Tide Turning Blue? AL High School Dems Named Chapter of the Year

Separation of Church and State? AL Government Agency Prays Against Gay Marriage

Roll Eyes: Why Former Congressman Jo Bonner Will Earn $350,000 a Year at University of Alabama

Alabama Head Slammer: Doctors Required to Prove Citizenship

Over 12,000 Americans Want to Know: Does the NRA Agree with Nugent's Military Suicide Comments?

Medicaid Expansion Could Save 500 Lives Annually in AL

Fiction Imitates Real Life In Alabama In Matthew Weber's Novel "The Bull."

Alabama College Democrats 2013 Convention & Leadership Summit: April 6

Fidel Castrate: We All Hate Child Molesters, but AL Rep's Extreme Legislation Goes too Far

Ann Romney Blames Voters for Government Shutdown

AL Governor Denying Gay National Guardsmen Their Benefits

AL Legislator Takes Lucrative Gig Before First Term is Up, Taxpayers to Pay for Special Election

AL Commerce Department Bilks Education Trust Fund for PR Website

AL Republicans Continue To Cash In, Make Taxpayers Pay For Special Elections

Let Them Eat Shrimp: Pastors Who Oppose Gay Boy Scouts are Biblical Hypocrites

Bible Belt Unbuckled: Deep South Towns Top List of Porn Site Visitors

Alabama Accountability Act: The Great Private School Giveaway

Women's Day At The Legislature Yesterday: Cheers & Jeers

HB188 - Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic Bill Set For A Vote Tomorrow

AL GOP Leaders Redefine "Transparency" With New Foundation