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AL Senate Committee Approves 3 Extreme Anti-Choice Bills by '7 White Guys to 1 Black Woman' Vote

Alabama Now Offering Free Voter ID Cards

AL Dems Help Pass the 'Give Your Boss the Flu Act'

AL House Supermajority Passes FOUR MORE Anti-Abortion Bills

Confused AL State Rep Believes Babies Are an Organ, Two Votes Constitute Majority

Alabama Democrats Face Crowded Primary in Race for Governor

AL Hospitals To Pregnant Women: 'Sorry, Honey, We Won’t Help You Here.'

Sue What? Alabama Trial Lawyers Stand to Benefit from Host of Unsafe Legislation

KS, AL Aim to Make State Constitutions School Funding-Free

AL Lawmaker to Introduce 'Duck Dynasty' Bill Calling Robertson a 'Hero'

Alabama's Priorities Clear: Medicaid, No. Boeing Welfare Payments, Yes!

AL Man Convicted of Raping Teen Neighbor Will Serve No Jail Time

Just Fools: AL Legislature Holds Public Hearings on Extreme Anti-Choice Bills

Terrifying & Overlooked: Alabama Grapples with Prison Overcrowding, Rampant Abuse

Golf Trail Gets More Protection Than Mobile's Drinking Water Supply For 250,000

Freedom of Religion? AL Lawmakers Want Daily Prayer Required in Schools

Persecution Complex: AL Legislature Pushes 4 Religious Bills, Ignores Real Problems

DOJ Finds Rape and Abuse of Women at Tutwiler Prison in AL 'Unconstitutional'

Alabama + Obamacare = Success Story

Alabama Bill Lets Doctors Refuse Services if Your Ladyparts Offend Them

Dem Bills in AL Would Hurt Legislative Transparency and Ethics Investigations

Anti-Muslim Groups Complain AL Textbooks Promote Islam Over Christianity

New Aerial Video of AL Oil Spill Call Cleanup Into Question

300-Foot Flames Reported in AL Oil Train Derailment; US Crude-by-Rail Shipments Increased 44 Percent