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A 'War On Coal'? Or Is It Common Sense Reform?

AL Gov on Looting Education Budget for Corporate Welfare: 'Eat What You Kill'

Comic Book Supervillain/Alabama AG Luther Strange Calls for Guns at Polling Booth

Alabama Attorney General Wants Court To Reinstate Sodomy Ban

Welcome to the 21st Century: Alabama Court Strikes Down State's Sodomy Law

Haters Gonna Hate: Southern Poverty Law Center Map Tracks Hate Groups Rise

GOP Math: Alabama Gives Chinese Company $190 Million to Build $100 Million Plant

Ex-Special Agent Testifies That Anti-Abortion Groups Often Carry Al Qaeda-Like Manuals

This Partial List of the GOP's VA Cuts Speaks Louder Than Any Campaign Ad

Alabama's $580k Lawyer Donation

Another AL Legislator Indicted, Perjury in Corruption Probe

Why Marriage Equality Also Needs to Be About Tax Equality

Mo' Better Blues, Mo Brooks: AL Republican Defends America in 'War on Whites'

Republicans OK With Raising Taxes, but Only When It Hurts Obamacare

This Kool-Aid Tastes Like Poverty: The Wane of the Southern Union

In Alabama, a Poor Teenager is Being Charged 85 Percent Interest on a $41 Seat Belt Ticket, Thanks to For-Profit Probation

Old White Man Dispels Notion of White Privilege with Years of Experience as Black Man

Messaging the Shooters: You're on Your Own, Says AL Sen Jeff Sessions to Vets

Supreme Court to Consider AL Redistricting Case Amid Claims GOP Diluted Minority Voting Power

AL Gov Plays Politics with Medicaid Expansion

Abortion Provider Stumps AL District Attorney, Attorney Literally Bangs Head on Podium

$4.5M in Corporate Welfare Payments Still Not Working at Huntsville Airport

A New Segregation: After Court Ruling, an AL County School System Moves Back in Time

Alabama House Speaker Lies to Rep, Forces Through Anti-Gay Marriage Resolution