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Welcome To Alabama: Don’t Drink The Water

Is Public Education in Alabama Poised on the Brink of Disaster?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

50 Years - Obama Delivers Moving Speech on the Pettus Bridge, Selma Alabama

Part 5: Private Prisons - Sweetheart Contracts Fill Beds & Pad Profits

County Jails Outsource Health Care, What Could Go Wrong? Inmates Denied Medication, Die of Gangrene.

Underdog Alabama Abortion Clinic Re-Opens After Tough Fight

Alabama Constitutional Amendments: GOP Unicorn Hunt Edition

Alabama State House Candidate (Not the Republican One): 'Vote for My Opponent and You Will Get Ebola!'

Bravo 'Bama: Religious Acceptance in Hunstville as Atheist Will Deliver City Invocation for First Time

Anti-Abortion Zealots in Alabama Protest Closed Clinic, Harass Women Visiting a Neighboring OB-GYN

Former Alabama Gov's Daughter Lands $72k No-Bid Contract to Answer a Googleable Question

Political Facebook Groups & Clickbait Satire Trolls

Gardening Tips: Landscaping to Attract Pollinators & Predators

VIDEO: Obamas Reflect on 50 Years - Crossing the Bridge to Hope

Part 6: Prison Shouldn-t Be A Picnic, But It Also Shouldn-t Be "Hell on Earth"

Eff It. Let's Just Godwin's Law This Election.

James Fields Poised To Uproot Kay 'Poison' Ivey From AL Lt Governor Chair

God, Law, Liberty and Life: AL Supreme Court Judge Concocts A Dangerous Brew

Power Moves: Huge Utility Company Decreases Use of Coal, Announces 37k New Jobs

New Alabama Law Puts Teens Who Need Abortions on Trial

Auditing the Womb: Alabama Candidate Joins Protests at Closed Women's Clinic

Fire Learning: One University's Order of 70 M-16s from Dept of Defense Highlights 1033 Program Nonsense

Anti-Choice Zealots Say Their Own Actions Are Reason Enough to Keep North AL's Lone Clinic Closed