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Remember That CEO Pay Cap? It’s Even Less Effective Than We Knew

Oil Industry Caused 2005 Swarm of California Earthquakes: Newly Published Study

Silicon Valley Rising: More Drivers Unionize with Teamsters to Transport Big Tech

Protesters Urge State Officials to Halt Santa Barbara Offshore Drilling as Cleanup Costs Soar

Tribal Water Activists Organize to Stop the California Water Heist

Leaning Tower of China: Dangerous New Flaws Discovered in Outsourced Bay Bridge Construction

More California Oil Industry Wastewater Injection Wells Shut Down Over Groundwater Contamination Fears

Art Pulaski: Workers are Left in the Dark with Fast Track

L.A. Project Will Create 6K Jobs, Become 6th LEED Platinum-Certified High-Rise in U.S.

Westlands Water Tunnel Critics Respond to Secret Settlement as Native Smelt Nears Extinction

30,000 Californians Want Offshore Fracking Halted

Labor Shortage? More Like Wage Shortage. Crummy Jobs Keep Good Workers Away.

Apple Issues Court Order to Vacate, Citing 1st & 5th Amendments

S’Uber Bowl: Coalition of On-Demand Taxi Drivers Allegedly Planning Huge Super Bowl Protest

Love Wins! Justice Kennedy Pens 5-4 Decision for Marriage Equality

$228M Misclassification Settlement May Send Ripples Through Industry, On-Demand Economy

What’s In The Recycled Oil Field Wastewater Sprayed On California Crops?

California Announces Audit of Insurance Company That Abandoned Paraplegic

DISTRICT 9: OSHA’s Whistleblower Protection Program Rife with Corruption, Says Investigator

California's Wastewater Injection Problem Far Worse Than Reported

$6M Lowe’s Settlement In Textbook Case of Systemic Employee Misclassification

State Dept. Selects Chevron as Finalist for "Corporate Excellence" Award

$67B Tunnel Plan Despised by Nearly Every Environmental Study and Agency Gets Environmental Award Nomination

Goliath Gets Bigger: California's Prop 1 War Chest Grows to $16.4 Million