Eff It. Let's Just Godwin's Law This Election.

If the Democrats think the 2014 election was bad, just wait.

I believe 2016 election will be much worse with all of the right-wing outside money flowing to the Republicans. The Republicans own rural America. That's been obvious for years.

I've warned about it on more blog posts than I care to remember. To be honest, I'm almost/may well be at the point where I believe it simply isn't worth my time or effort to try and inform folks that have no desire to be informed.

People I met while in Europe and others I've talked to outside the U.S. are more aware of what's going on in America than most Americans. For example: Michael Biel left this comment last night on a Facebook page:

Michael Biel: "I got a message from a friend in ICELAND a few minutes ago: " from Olafur Sigurðsson: We are very concerned about where this will take America. People are saying America is leaning towards some sort of fascism, of course not the kind that we know from Italy in the war but oppressing liberty and manipulating society to collect riches and power and abusing peoples rights, please note I´m not a commie, I live in a huge "rock and roll mansion" in snob hill. But I wanted to tell you, people in Europe worry about where this is going, as you would I presume."

The Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and other multi-billionaires that fund the GOP's dark money aren't stupid. They're masters of propaganda. They're in the same mold as "I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half." (Jay Gould). They know rural America is the key to power, vast wealth and the demise of real FDR type Democrats.

It's not like this hasn't happened before. Adolph Hitler did it in Germany.


From the German Propaganda archive: Adolf Hitler expressed the great importance of National Socialist rural propaganda in his February, 8 1931 speech to the First National Socialist Farmers’ Congress in Weimar. The Third Reich would be founded in the rural population, or it would fail. “Show ourselves in the villages!” That is the guideline of our propaganda leader. The more National Socialism takes hold in the countryside, the stronger will be the foundation of the Third Reich.

What is going on in America today is serious business and it can't be remedied by using our thumbs to send text messages on our cell phones. That being said, I suspect someday someone will be telling our grandchildren this: "While your thumbs were busy texting, the people in power were busy stealing your country. Sorry about your luck. I hope your thumbs are OK."

Folks fighting for a real Democracy have a real and nasty fight on their hands. Problem is, the right-wing billionaires have all of the money and power and they know how to use it.

Like I said: “You can’t say you haven’t been warned.”

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