Judge's Ruling in VA Women's Health Case Stresses Importance of Less Dogmatic Attorney General in Upcoming Race

This story about women's health clinics epitomizes why who ends up being elected Attorney General of Virginia really really REALLY matters. ​

Abortion rights supporters in Virginia are cheering after they won a small, first step in a challenge to strict, new state regulations that require abortion clinics meet hospital standards. An Arlington judge rejected a motion from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and the Virginia Board of Health seeking to toss out a legal challenge to the regulations. It means the case will now move forward. [...] The November election could have an impact. Attorney Larry Roberts said that an attorney general with a different view could simply not fight Codding's lawsuit.

Pay particular attention that last paragraph and note what former Tim Kaine top advisor Larry Roberts has to say about how the Virginia Board of Health was "bullied [by Ken Cuccinelli] into adopting regulations that it did not intend to adopt." That's just one example of how important the office of the Attorney General is in Virginia.

Keep in mind what the Attorney General's office is responsible for: "Defending the constitutionality of state laws"; "Providing legal advice and representation in court for the Governor and the state government in general"; and "Providing legal advice, official opinions, to members of the Virginia General Assembly and local government officials".

All this advice and representation is not just on women's health, of course, but on basically every single issue facing Virginia, from the environment, to guns, to voting rights, to civil liberties, to consumer protection, to ethics in government: you name it. In Ken Cuccinelli's case, we've seen the disastrous results of an Attorney General misusing the office as a platform for his extremist ideological agenda. We've also seen abuse of power, in the case of Michael Mann, and "quid pro quo" corruption in the cases of Bobby Thompson and CONSOL Energy.

The question is, will we be crazy enough to continue this type of Attorney General by electing Cuccinelli clone Mark Obenshain, a man who has stressed that Cuccinelli is a role model, and the two just "peas in a pod"? Or, should we instead support someone like Democratic nominee Mark Herring who is strongly committed to upholding the law, ensure that the Attorney General's office looks out for all Virginians - not just the wealthy, powerful and well-connected - and maintains the highest levels of professionalism and ethics?

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