Working Families Party speaks out on Donovan

Although EVERY media outlet knows that only Chris Donovan can remove his name from the Working Families Party line, leaders of the political group's State Committee felt the need to release the following statement )in order to pacify those who are still happily feeding on Donovan's post-primary carcus).

When Chris Dononvan returns from vacation, we'll have a conversation with him about remaining on the Working Families ballot line. State law leaves the decision in Chris Donovan's hands. If he chooses to give up the line, the Working Families Party will go through our regular, democratic process to determine how to fill the vacancy in the next few weeks.

While at best, Esty can hope that Donovan removes his name from the ballot and WFP decides to sit out the general. I would be stunned that the Party would endorse someone with a horrific record when it comes to progressive/working families values like the current Democratic candidate for the 5th CD.  

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