CIA to Congress: Oops, Maybe We Did Spy on You a Little Bit

The CIA admits that it actually did spy on Congress, hacking Senate Intelligence Committee files and filing a bogus report to the Justice Department.

CIA Director John Brennan had called the charges “beyond reason,” but has now apologized to the committee leaders. But that is not enough for some members of Congress, notably Mark Udall, a committee member. In a statement from Udall, he said, “After being briefed on the CIA Inspector General report today, I have no choice but to call for the resignation of CIA Director John Brennan.” Via Fox 31 Denver.

In the Atlantic, it notes that Udall is calling for the White House to do a full investigation.

"From the unprecedented hacking of congressional staff computers and continued leaks undermining the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation of the CIA's detention and interrogation program to his abject failure to acknowledge any wrongdoing by the agency, I have lost confidence in [Director] John Brennan," he said. 

Still, a criminal probe is unlikely:

McClatchy Newspapers explains what will probably happen next, instead of a criminal probe or accountability meted out to CIA agents who spied on the duly elected members of America's upper legislature: "Brennan has decided to submit the findings for review to an accountability board chaired by retired Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana."


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