Why Infrastructure Investment SAVES $$$

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Here is why we need to invest in infrastructure.  Once again, during the height of boating season and swimming season, problems with New York's sewage infrastructure has caused raw sewage to enter the Hudson.

The Ironman competition - which is supposed to be a triathalon, may have to become a BI-athalon because New York has polluted the Hudson AGAIN.  

Having a reputation for a sewage filled river, is not going to be very good for business along the shoreline.  Nice going, New York.  Way to invite international competitors to the Tristate area.  

I was down by the river yesterday. On a boat. NO clue that they had poisoned the river again.  There were probably jet skiers who had no clue either.

Any legislators out there who want to make NY pay for the impact this has on NJ?  This is getting to be too regular an event, and now it has just become an international embarrassment.  New Orleans had its oil spill, we have this. Every darn year. Sometimes several times a year.  Disgraceful.

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