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The bloggers here at Hillbilly Report are regular people. No one gets paid here and you won't see any advertisements on our site. We aren't part of the elite Washington, DC beltway. We, like most of our readers, are committed to our families and unlike Washington, DC beltway elite we to do all of the mundane things like maintaing our homes, fixing our automobiles, cutting our grass, etc.

Blogging ain't easy. Hours, and sometimes days, of research go into some our post, and to be honest with you, there are times when we wonder if our efforts are worth the the time and effort it takes to blog and then we get an email like this that makes it all worth while.
The Email.
I am glad I signed up to receive e-mails from Hillbilly Report.  Your "Thank You Dad" article brought tears to my eyes.  I also want to say I agree 110% with your analysis of Mr. Romney, The Republican Party and their greed.  As I write this, I cannot tell you how scared I am for this country.  You put things so poignantly in your write up.  Just one other thing I want to add-  It is not just the people, the 99% if you will, that they wish to see suffer for their gain, it is pretty much everything around them.
They do not spare the climate, the animals, any species of plant, etc...  Everything is up for grabs and they will use it and abuse it until they have sucked every last bit of profit out of it they can for themselves.  I do a lot of work for the environment and donate to a lot of animal charities.  Animals and natural resources are not a voting block.  The animals do not have lobbyists, the endangered trees do not have super pacs and the shale beneath our feet cannot speak for itself.  The greed of their party is taking advantageous of the weakest among us.  Unfortunately, in their process of "picking the planet clean", they are destroying the air and water for our next generations.  So much for the "debt", we are leaving to our children...

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