Why Did Republicans Revolt Against Van Drew Corrections Oversight Bill?

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Simply put, S 927 has been " in the hopper" for 8 years. It was reintroduced back in January.

It was moved out of one committee weeks ago.

It is simply a financial oversight Bill for NJDOC privatization contracts.

BUT THE SENATE REPUBLICANS ON THE BUDGET COMMITTEE WENT BONKERS AND ALL VOTED NO TO THE BILL YESTERDAY. It still passed 8-5 and will be voted on by the whole Seante this monday.

But why did they get so upset? Why did they attack Van Drew?

This is just more proof that the human warehousing issue of Halfway Houses has really struck a sensitive nerve with Christie and his Party. What are they hiding? Why are they fearful of simple financial oversight?

It appears that the effort to coverup is in full swing!

After listening to Van Drew defend the Bill even he was shocked!

Something stinks here............

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